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Original Rock Music

Herb Genelly III - Lead vocals, guitar, keyboards

Ken Bizzell - Bass guitar, bass synth

Shawn Britton - Drums, percussion, background vocals

Craig Wiper - Obnoxious Lead guitar, background vocals,


Pix of the band recording our latest new songs at Prairie Sun Studios...

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Tung 'n' Gruve is one of Sonoma County's original-music rock bands. I've included some sound bytes from our latest recordings done at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA. Let me know what you think about our music by signing my guest book!  Thanks, Craig.

Listen to some of our tunes... In Real time...

early 1974 MGB...



Al Mulford's Page...

Al Shaffer's Music and Audio Pages 

The Carvin Guitar Museum

Phantom Guitar Works


1979 Les Paul Pro Deluxe...Gibson SG Supreme...



Phantom Guitar Works Phantom XII1998 Gibson DC Standard...Carvin Vintage Yellow Bolt...
















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